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Individualized program plan made based on comprehensive evaluation.

A personalized program to fit your expectations and goals.

We are here to advocate for your health, whether you are a beginner, or if you have tried other weight loss diets or programs.

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We are FOUR programs in ONE!

1) Diet.   2) Exercise

 3) Medical Management      

4) Behavioral Modification.

This ideal weight loss program provides nutritional/educational support, fitness training support, personalized exercises, and behavioral modification with each visit. 

You have a physician who will look at the medical aspects that contribute to weight gain.

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Available Now

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  • Overcome unwanted weight and improve your health with a physician by your side. 

  • BMI & Resting metabolic rate, blood work, symptoms, medications and more.      

  • Uncover what can be holding you back from your goals!  

  • Here, we'll take a dive deep in your medical, social, and emotional health.

  • Learn about how to improve your diet, behaviors, exercise, and lifestyle.   

  • Get an individualized plan to put you on the path to success.        

  • Open yourself to a new way of thinking, living, and behaving.  

  • Super-bill may provided to you for the Comprehensive Evaluation for potential insurance reimbursement.

Program Information: Price List


Personalized Exercise Regimen.

Identify which exercise regimen is right for you.  Learn to make those steps count, whether its a brisk walk, or a treadmill workout.  Aerobic & Resistance training impact your weight & resting metabolic rate, burning calories while resting!  We take into account different body structures and mobility.  Move easier, feel great!                

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Program Information: Gallery

Personalized Medical Evaluation

Obtain a thorough evaluation and learn how genetics can affect your weight. Thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, fatty liver can impact your health.  Your current medications will also be reviewed to ensure they are not contributing to weight gain. Start recommended meal supplements & medications.  Body composition weight scale & Blood pressure cuff may be provided upon request. Learn if Bariatric surgery is right for you.


Personalized Diet Plan

Mediterranean, Keto, Low Carb, Plant based, Low glycemic index diets, and more! Here, we will develop and individualized weight loss plan the works for your schedule and lifestyle. We will be your guide to finding which diet works best for you while keeping in mind your medical conditions. We believe that a ‘diet’ that works for you should a way of life, not one that lasts a few weeks or months.  We aim for Long Term Sustainable Goals!   

Personalized Behavioral Modification.

Our Mindfulness and Behaviors dictate our eating patterns! Identify & break down barriers to your weight loss!  Learn to control your stressors, and triggers. Night Cravings, Daily Grazing, Stress Eating, Comfort Eating. Identify how sleep and work schedules impact your weight loss gains. Let's get started!

Program Information: Gallery
Program Information: Gallery


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